Animals are great companions.  However, as a tenant, should you have a pet?  The answer to this is it depends. 

You must understand that if you have a pet, it can make it harder to find an apartment.  Some landlords don't allow pets at all and some will only take cats and not dogs.  In most cases if you do have a pet, the landlord is going to require a security as well as first and last month's rent.  So this should be taken into account.

Tenants with cats can usually find an apartment.  Pets that are difficult when looking for apartments are dogs.  Some landlords will take small dogs, but not large dogs.  To be fair to the dog, you should be in a location where there is a yard or it is easy to walk.

There are also many dogs that landlords will not consider under any circumstances.  These are the dangerous breed dogs such as Pit bulls, Rotweillers and Akitas to name a few.  While some of these dogs may be well trained and harmless, if a landlord's insurance company finds out that these dogs are present on the property, the landlord could loose their insurance.  This is not a chance that most landlords want to take. 

So, consider carefully, when renting and deciding to get a pet.