Tenant Testimonials

My experience with Sherri was truly amazing. She was very knowledgeable and responsive through the entire process. Sherri has her clients best interest in my mind and is a pillar of integrity and professionalism. Highly recommend Sherri!! Thank you, Mike

Mike - August 2019

Sherri is very professional and helpful. She helped me and my husband to find a home that fits perfectly our needs. We are happy for having her along this process. Highly recommend her.

Nidy - April 2019

Sherri was awesome! She helped us locate our home even under difficult circumstances. She was able to match our needs with not only a property and location but with a landlord who was willing to work with us. We will forever be grateful for her knowledge and expertise. She was also about to go on vacation as we found our new home and continued to work with us to help us get into our new place as soon as possible! Thank you Sherri!"

Amy - September 2018

She would always answer if I had any calls about the house and was very helpful with her answers which made me want the house. I also needed a refund check which she gave back to me very quickly which also made me trust her more

Alex - July 2018

Sherri Way is a fantastic real estate professional. My buddies and I were looking for off campus housing and were having a very difficult time (a lot of landlords won't rent to college kids). She was able to find a house and get us signed up and taking the tour after a week or so which was amazing. She was very nice and fast to respond even after hours at night which is a huge plus. I highly recommend using Sherri for your real estate needs, she will do whatever it takes to find you a place!

Tyler - July 2018

Sherri was great at helping me find my first rental in MA. She was knowledgeable about the area and the trade-offs of different rentals. I would definitely recommend her to anyone lost in their struggle to find a reasonable rental.

David - October 2017

I found Sherri very professional and honest in our transactions. I was looking for a home to rent, and Sherri made the process so easy for me. She helped me understand some rules and regulations on being a good tenant.

Francis - October 2017

We needed to find an apartment for our son in the Framingham MA area on short notice due to a job relocation. We believed from our online search that Sherri was an especially qualified agent in the rental market. We contacted her one day in advance of our weekend apartment hunting trip and she fit us into her busy schedule for the next day! Over two days we located a very nice apartment and put down our deposit. Sherri had a number of exclusive listings but also scoured the MLS for us. She was good at identifying our priorities and only showing us units that met most of our needs. Once we found our unit she was very knowledgeable in the process and paperwork and very responsive to our requests and needs leading to moving on son into his new home away from home! I should mention I was previously a real estate agent and manager myself and know an exceptional agent when I work with one! Sherri is exceptional

Bob - September 2017

Sherri way gets it done! Had a great experience with Sherri way she is super professional has great knowledge of the industry... made the process a smooth sail. I will recommend her as an agent to anybody

Tim - September 2017

Sherri is professional, responsive, and wonderful to work with. She made herself available to answer all of my questions, and was very accommodating with scheduling an apartment viewing. I would highly recommend her

Amelia - September 2017

It was a great experience, Sherri was very helpful and accommodated me very nicely. She was also very flexible on scheduling, as she was able to work around my schedule for me to view the apartment and sign the lease. Also would like to add Lexi Winter (llwinter@kw.com) was also very helpful.

Duante - April 2017

I started a new job in Framingham and needed to move quickly into a new home. Not knowing the area at all, I scheduled to see a variety of apartments with Sherri. She looked to understand my needs for living arrangements and showed me a wide variety of places at different prices so I could better understand what I would be looking at price wise in the area. She was very accommodating and helped me to the best of her ability in finding a place to move.

Chris - April 2017

I called Sherri about a property and asked her to show me a property listed on Zillow. We set up a meeting and she showed me around and answered my questions. Afterward I expressed interest but had some additional questions which she also answered, including going back to the apartment to answer a dimension question. When I signed the lease she was very thorough and explained it in detail. Very helpful.

Corey - January 2017

My friend and I were both first time renters looking for an apartment together, and with our very differeing schedules we worried that things could become complicated in terms of setting up meetings and appointments and finding the right place. Sherri was able to make everything work, meeting whenever at least one of us was available and showed my friend the apartment we ended up renting. All responses were immediate and she kept succinct dialogue with everything. Sherri is a consummate professional who will get the best situation set up for any client who is looking for help.

Brian - December 2016

Thanks Sherri – it was a long weekend of moving but everything is in now. Thank you so much for everything, I’ll definitely be passing your name along whenever I can – it was a very smooth and convenient process and I’m loving the apartment so far.

Dierdre - September 2016

Very fast responses and up front about all costs needed to rent. Apartment was as advertised. Worked as a middleman between landlord and myself to sign paperwork.

Jeff - August 2016

Sherri helped me so much. It's my first apartment and she truly helped me. I couldn't be anymore happy with the service she provided me with. She was always available whenever I had any questions. She was reliable, and trustworthy. She also helped me find all the things I was looking for in a home. For an example I wanted a place that had laundry and parking. She found a perfect house for that, that I now currently live in.

Amanda - August 2016

Sherri is very easy to work with. Sherri is knowledgeable, patient, flexible, and reliable. Sherri supported me with understanding what was available in my price range (it had been a long time since the last time I looked for a home to rent). Sherri found a rental for me that matched what I was looking for with what I was willing to pay. Sherri was great!

Markus - July 2016

Sherri is the best! I have had to apartment search twice over the last couple years, and each time she found me a great place with rent way lower than what I would expect to pay. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a place in Metrowest or the Boroughs.

Jacob - July 2016

Sherri was a pleasure to work with. The main thing was she listened to the pre-tenant instead of just going by the book. Sometimes people just need a break to move forward and she was a where of this. So now we are a tenant in a nice home owned by some great people. She was very knowledgeable of the process as well which made it very easy for us to do the lease. Again Sherri thank you for listening and helping.

Dana - November 2015

Sherri helped me with a 250 sq feet single unit rental. She was very responsive and accommodating to my work schedule. She quickly set up a showing of the unit. When I expressed interest, she was able to quickly and efficiently go through the background check, sign the contract and rent the unit. It was a very positive experience. It was a pleasure working with Sherri, and I would recommend her to anybody.

Johnson - August 2015

Sherri quickly responded to my online request for a viewing. We were able to schedule a viewing at a time that was convenient for us. She gave us plenty of time to look around and open closets and drawers. We loved the place and it instantly felt like Home. The application process was easy and less painless than we expected. At the signing she was able to coordinate with the landlord so he would be available for additional questions and clarification. We haven't been renters in 20 years and this was absolutely made easier with the help of Sherri. Thank you for helping us find HOME :)

Misty - August 2015

Sherri was diligent, punctual and precise in her dealings with us. Tailoring our needs to what made the most sense was a huge plus for us. Her knowledge of the area was also key and this was evident in the nature of the properties she had in line for us. I would gladly recommend Sherri and also looking forward to working with her on subsequent tasks.

Tenant - July 2015

She (Sherri) was knowledgeable and asked appropriate questions to find rentals that fit my criteria regarding location, pets, and price range. She was very helpful and professional.

Stacey - June 2015

I was looking for an apartment with short notice and Sherri was able to give me all the information I needed and set up a viewing quickly while being very flexible to arrange it on my schedule. She moved the process along quickly and before I knew it I had my housing secured.

Adam - June 2015

I was first introduced to Ms. Way after being referred to her by a local (Framingham area) realtor who did not have any rental units I was interested in. My main attraction to Ms. Way was that she serviced not only this town but also several neighboring towns, as having more geographic options was important to me.

My first discussion with Ms. Way was by phone, and I found her to be an excellent listener, knowledgeable about the areas she covers, and within a short time on the phone she already had several possible rental units that interested me.

As it turned out, the one I was most interested in had already been rented, but I ended up having to view only one place and decided fairly quick to rent it. Ms. Way acted quickly, made the process quick and easy, explained the legal aspects of the Rental Agreement to me clearly and had no issues answering whatever questions I had.

In summary, Ms. Way is a true professional, knows the landscape,made the ride easy. Quite simply put, she gets the job done! I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Jon - November 2014

When I saw the ad on zillow for my apartment I called Sherri, and we scheduled an appointment right away. She was very kind and worked with my schedule. Once I got word that I got the apartment she was very quick with all the paperwork and details. 

Alisha - August 2014

Sherri found an apartment for my daughter and roommate with short notice....Sherri was very professional. As I wanted a safe area for my daughter and roommate, Sherri was very honest when it came to answering the questions I had about the neighborhoods the apartments were in... were they safe areas... would you want your daughter living in the neighborhood... Sherri is friendly and has a good sense of humor. 

Carol - August 2014

Sherri was very helpfull and professional. helped me with the showing. helped me with the application. helped me with all the paperwork. best real estate agent I've worked with.

Erion - August 2014

I'm fairly new the MA and unfamiliar with the Framingham area. Sherri was extremely helpful in finding a nice apartment centrally located. She was always quick to respond to my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend her services. 

April - July 2014

Sherri was diligent, punctual and precise in her dealings with us. Tailoring our needs to what made the most sense was a huge plus for us. Her knowledge of the area was also key and this was evident in the nature of the properties she had in line for us. I would gladly recommend Sherri and also looking forward to working with her on subsequent tasks. 

Tenant - June 2014

Sherri was very helpful in my search for a new apartment. She showed me many apartments without hesitation and made herself available, even on weekends and holidays. She was very professional and friendly and I was very satisfied with her service.

Tenant - May 2014

It was a pleasure to work with Sherri. I contacted her about an apartment in Framingham and she got back to me immediately. Showed me the apartment and when I expressed interest in renting it she expedited the application process quickly and efficiently. I recently moved here from Boston where I had rented numerous apartments and she was by far the best and most professional realtor I have experienced. 

March 2014 - Natasha

Sherri is the consummate professional when looking for an apartment; she will not only show you what you request but will extend the search to properties that fit into your view of a home and location. Don't hesitate to contact Sherri for a reliable professional that will work with you and respond to your needs and wants! 

March - 2014 - Deb

I wanted to move in to a new apartment as quickly as possible. I had spoken to a couple of agents but they were not forthcoming. My interaction with Sherri Way resulted in a deal, and before I could say Jack I saw myself signing the lease agreement. I think she could deliver at this speed of light for several reasons, EXIT is in charge of many properties, so making choice is easier from several options, her dedication and respect for timeliness even while on vacation was unbelievable.  Above all, many years of practicing professionalism was a plus. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any person(s) interested in property acquisition.

December 2013 - Charles 

I just wanted to let you know that we won't be needing to look at the apartment in Ashland on Wednesday. As much as we want to move, we won't be able to do it now. I want to thank you for being available and for taking the time to try and help us. Every time that I have contacted you in the past, you have been nothing but nice, and I want to thank you for that.
Have a great day, and thanks again.
You are very nice. 

October 2013 - Angelina

I came to work with Sherri at a bad time in my life. An apartment that I was supposed to rent was 1.5 months past its supposed date to be ready and I was couch surfing during that time. I decided to look for a new place and contacted Sherri about two places. 

The one I chose was ready to rent but my future roommates did not want to move in until the beginning of the following month. I could not wait until then to move in but I could also not afford the entire amount of rent for the remainder of the current month by myself. I explained this to Sherri and she worked with the landlord to allow me to move in early and only have to pay my share.
Sherri was always very prompt in her email responses, making the situation less nerve-wrecking. She was sympathetic and professional and I am fortunate to have worked with her. Thank you Sherri.
September 2013 - Kristen

We enjoyed working with Sherri. She found us the apartment we were looking for, for well within our budget. As college women searching for a short-term apartment, we had trouble getting realtors to see us as a serious client. Sherri came through for us, promptly and professionally.
June 2013 - Janna & Emily

I started looking for an apartment around late August this past year. One day I checked out some apartments on Trulia.com and one of them I wanted to check out happened to be posted by Sherri. I emailed her and she got back to me very quickly about my inquiry. She even asked plenty of questions to get an idea of what I needed like price range, size, number of bedrooms etc. The first one she showed me I wasn't fully satisfied so she referred me to her website to see what else she had available and to get back to her when I found something I liked. The third apartment was the charm. I'm quite happy with my new apartment as it's located in a quiet and convient location extremely close to supermarkets, gas stations, stores, post office. Perfect for someone who doesn't own a vehicle. Sherri is very detail oriented and asks all the right questions to make sure a potential renter is satisfied.
December 2012 - Ed

My son had decided to move out of state to MA and obtain employment. While on a search for an apartment in unfamiliar territory he and I encountered quite a few apartment scams. It was a relief to know that my son had found a realtor like Sherri to help him find a new place to call home. Every detail was explained to my son and finding an apartment and moving in all went smoothly. Thank you, Karen
11/2012 Karen

I needed an apartment close to my new workplace, but I was moving from out of town and unfamiliar with the area. Sherri helped set up a couple of apartment showings that fit my budget and kept me within a mile of my new job. After I decided which apartment I wanted, she made it easy for me to sign and send all appropriate documents so I could get the apartment that was right for me. After only two weeks of working with Sherri, I was moving into my new apartment!

08/2012 Matt


It was truly a pleasure to work with Sherri Way of Exit Realty. Right from the start she impressed me with her quick response time to my initial email and detailed questionairre that helped me explain exactly what I needed. With this information, Sherri suggested an apartment that might be a good fit for my son, who was starting college in a neighboring state from where we live. When I requested to see a few other apartments in the area, she was happy to show them to us, but ultimately we leased the one she originally suggested. She was knowledgeble about the area and helpful with my questions about utilities and services.

While I was hesitant at first to use the services of a realtor to rent an apartment, I would recommend without reservation, Sherri and Exit Realty. Great experience!!

8/2012 Gail


When recently searching for an apartment to call home, I remembered the difficulties I had before. Luckily, I found Sherri's website and contacted her. She responded quickly and took the time to show me multiple properties at my own pace. When I had questions, she was available and returned calls almost immediately. She was candid about the apartments and never rushed me to pick one. Even when I was days away from signing a lease for an apartment, she let me take a look at a new one that had just been posted on her site. Ultimately, I took the newly posted apartment and couldn't be more pleased with how she handled my search. I felt important and well-informed through the process and am now enjoying my new temporary home. I dealt with many realtors in my search and Sherri was unequivocally the best. If you want a personal, honest, efficient realtor, give Sherri a call.
8/2012 - Spencer

I was looking for an apartment for my MBA program while working in Missouri. Due to my schedule and oversea plan, we could not meet throughout the entire real estate transaction. However, thanks to Sherri's fast response and help, I was able to select a suitable place for me from her many pictures. In addition, it was her who eventually helped me to seal a contract with a landlord in a timely fashion, while both parties are quite skeptical from our inability to meet in person. Thank you
7/2012 - Tri

Sherri Way was very organized and helpful. We had a smooth transaction on a Framingham apartment. I recommend her.
Thank you,
7/2012 - Bart

Sherri Way was a pleasure to work with. I live out of state and wanted to rent a small place to help create a bridge to eventual relocation. She was willing and able to handle the entire process via phone, text, email, and with a friend of mine who lives in Metrowest. To some Realtors, this might have seemed to be a small transaction that wasn't a priority. However, Sherri treated me with the same respect and care that I would hope to receive if I were buying a home. I look forward to working with her again when the time comes for me to move to Metrowest.

5/2012 - Karen

Having recently done business with Sherri Way, it was our experience that she deduced what we wanted before we were really sure. With out leading us on for a moment she found a place for us to move to in short time. We were, and still are pleased with the work she did for us. Knowing her business well, she made the red tape easy. Kudos to her, she is a champion in our book. We highly recomend.
Steven & Diane

3/2012 - Steven & Diane

I wish to express how deeply grateful I am to have worked with Sherri Way on several rentals. Sherri has provided the highest level of professionalism, care, enthusiasm and passion with each transaction. She truly listened to the specific needs for each apartment and found perfect matches. When working with Sherri you can tell that Real Estate is more than just a job for her and something that she really enjoys doing (not to mention that she is great at it!). I hope to work with Sherri again in the future; as I know she will always do her best to help find the right home.


Adrianne C

2/2012 Adrienne C - case worker

Being my first time with moving on my own I was a little worried about going through all the necessary steps needed, but everything went smoothly and very quickly. Also helped that you were willing to fit your schedule into mine (which is hectic). As of now I am fully moved into the new Apartment and I'm definitely enjoying it. Thank you for your for your professionalism and quickness through everything. Sincerely,

Allen G

2/2012 Allen G

I am so happy I found Sherri. She was extremely efficient in answering and returning my calls and setting up times to meet. After telling her about what i was looking for and my limited budget, she told me she'd be happy to help me explore several options. I also had a complicated list of references which she dealt with patiently and expertly. I really appreciate the time and effort she put into helping me, especially without any broker fee!
Thanks again Sherri!!
2/2012 - Lindsey G

I met Sherri and her team when I was just getting out of a very difficult condo situation. I was nervous about entering the renting pool again, but Sherri made it easy. She accommodated my crazy work schedule and found the best listings in my limited price range. Thanks to Sherri the experience was smooth and stress-free. I love my new apartment and would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Sherri!

-Rebekah (Renter)

1/2012 - Rebekah

I met Sherri Way first at an open house.She had a property that was a short sale in Ashland.We were considering buying at that time.She was very professional and honest.I liked her right away.

The second time I crossed paths with Sherri, she had a rental listing and I made an appointment to see it.She was right on time and again, very professional and honest.I liked the unit very much and decided to fill out an application for it.She guided me through this process and made it painless and timely.There were a couple of things we wanted to negotiate with the owner and she did that successfully for us.She was representing the owner, but made us feel like she was working for us too.

Sherri is very personable and has a no nonsense attitude.She makes you feel very comfortable with her and is very knowledgeable about both the rental market and real estate market.

I would highly recommend her if you are selling, buying or renting.She has a lot of integrity and will be a pleasure to do business with.

1/2012 - Nancy

Sherri Way, of Exit First Choice Professional Realty is the ONE person you want on your team when looking for a new place to live.

Several months ago, my boyfriend and I needed to find a new apartment, and immediately, Sherri helped us look at several, all the while letting us know what we'd need for paperwork, deposits, references, etc. and taking care of all the complicated details that always accompany such a move. She was tireless in her search, friendly, helpful and very flexible in times and days to show us apartments.She was very detail oriented and understood our wants and needs as well in terms of location, type of apartment, size & price range.

It took only a couple of short months before she found us the perfect place, at the right price, prepared all the paperwork, met us for the signing, and in the past 7 months we've been in our new place, we couldn't be happier.

If you're in the market for a new place, and don't know where to start, go with Sherri. You'll be surprised at how easy she makes the process and how quickly you will be able to enjoy living in your new home.

2011 - Lynn H

Sherri Way is an absolute dream to work with. With all the stress of moving and finding a new place to go, Sherri made the entire process very manageable and worry-free. She is attentive, thorough, and most of all, very friendly and fun to work with. I would recommend Sherri to anyone looking for a relaxed experience when looking for a new place to live.

2011 - Travis

Thanks for your help. You've been very attentive and communicated more than anyone else so I appreciated your respectful attention and would recommend you to someone else in a heartbeat.

2011 - Nancy

Thanks for all your help! You've been our best realtor experience, hands down.

2011 - Ben

Thank you for helping me in my search for an apartment. Your professionalism and courteous nature are to be recognized with great admiration. I truly appreciate the tie and patience you put into the process and I am grateful to have worked with such a friendly and overall genuine person.

I am overjoyed to be living in the Framingham apartment and I have you to thank.

Best Wishes


2011 - Michelle

First of all, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you on my apartment hunt.  You're very easy to get along with and very much a professional. You got back to me when I called in a timely manner, which from my past experience was not the case with most agents.

It was one of the easiest times I had finding an apartment.  You obvioulsy worked with both the landlord and the tenants interests in mind.

Even wrapping up loose ends before your vacation so while you were gone I didn't feel I was left hanging wondering what I was going to do if things were not settled when you got back and me to the last week before my lease expried.  I want to thank you for all the help you have been in this process.  I'm sure once I can stop cleaning and get out of boxes, I will love it even more.

2011 - Linda

Sherri is a great professional, very flexible and reliable and has a great handle on the area.  She was able to quickly and conveniently meet with me and work through my needs and from that discussion identified a number of potential properties from which I could find my new home.  She was very helpful in the close-out process walking me through all the required paperwork and provided hands-on service to the end.  Sherri is very pleasant and friendly person who really cares about her clients which makes all the difference.  I had a great experience working with Sherri and look forward to the next time.  I highly recommned her services.

2011 - Josh

I really appreciated how you handled this transaction.  You were ver professional and above all accomodating, which was very important to me as this was my first rental experience.  You made the process of finding an apartment much easier for me, and for that I am grateful.  I would definitely recommend you to others, and thank you for all your help.

2011 - Ethan

I'd like to take this opportunity to commend Ms. Sherri Way for her exemplary work with me while I was seeking an apartment in the MetroWest area.  Ms. Way is a consummate professional, and was a needed respite after working with many other realtors in the area.  She took the time to listen to my needs and worked to find me an apartment that not only met those needs, but exceeded my expectations.  While other realtors tried to sell me on rentals that were above my budget, in an area I was not interested in or not the size I wanted, Sherri took the time to find me the best accomodations within my price range.  I am extremely happy with my living arrangements now and I owe it her professionalism an dedication to making the client happy.  I will return to Ms. Way if I need a new apartment and eventually, to buy my own home.  I look forward to working with her again, and only her skill and my satisfaction in my new apartment will keep me from using her services again soon.

2011 - Kristin

Sherri was extremely courteous and helpful while showing us apartments.. very easy to get a hold of.  We are glad we chose her to help us in our apartment search.

2011 - Jesse

Sherri went out of her way to help me in a very difficult situation.  I needed a place to live very quickly as I was in the midst of a custody dispute.  Sherri really went out of her to go to bat for me.  The entire process took less than a week from seeing the apartment to moving in - and Sherri was on top of everything the entire time.  I would highly recommend her.

2011 - Karyn

I met Sherri on the Internet when I was living in Florida.  My company was closing our office there, and I was being transferred to Massachusetts with 2 weeks notice.  I have 3 pets - 2 chihuahuas and a cat - and was having great difficulty finding an apartment that would accept my animals.  Sherri found me the right apartment in a nice neighborhood and we were able to move in just in time for me to start my new job.  Thank you Sherri!  I'll call you when I'm ready to buy a home.

2011 - Lee (Carmella, Lupe & Piewacket)

The process of finding a property that matches your family's needs sometimes feels endless, laborious and just too hard. Not with Sherri. Our family met Sherri through a great rental property transaction that was perfect for us and the owners. Sherri knew what both sides needed and it worked perfectly over a two-year contract renewal and various negotiations. Then Sherri has met us over the last three years, looking into possible rentals and sales as we thoroughly considered almost every town from Northborough to Wayland! Sherri is professional, very knowledgeable, thorough and fun. Fun? Yes, because not all properties are going to be the house at the end of the rainbow and sometimes you just gotta laugh off the "are you kidding" houses! I highly recommend working with Sherri Way. She is a pleasure for Realtors representing the buyer or seller as a colleague. Enjoy your new relationship with a wonderful Realtor!

2011 - Allison

Sherri Way is the most professional and punctual real estate agent I worked with.  I recently move to the Boston Metro West area and I was looking for someone to assist me in finding an apartment.  A difficult and time-consuming venture considering how competitive and expensive th Boston housing market is.  Sherri was very nice and helpful,  suggested a few options which fit my criteria and was completely honest about all the apartments that we saw.  I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reliable and skillful real estate agent.

2011 - Desi

Thank you for visiting today. I'd love feedback on what you think and how I can help you with your real estate needs.  I'm also never too busy for your referrrals!

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Sherri has been so amazing throughout our entire home buying experience! She was super patient with us after over a year of looking for houses and was always available to show us a house wherever and whenever we could! We got the most perfect house and could not have done it without Sherri, very very grateful! Feb 2019 - Hillary & James, First time home buyer
Sherri helped me find my first condo. She knows the area very well. She always responded to my texts very quickly, it didn't matter what time. My condo had 9 other offers, she presented me very well on my behalf to get it despite there were other higher offers. I will contact her again as my agent as a seller or buyer in the future. 2019 - Anita - First time home buyer
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Thank you for visiting today. I'd love feedback on what you think and how I can help you with your real estate needs.  I'm also never too busy for your referrrals!